Welcome from the Dean

Welcome to our new website of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (University of Zaragoza, Campus of Teruel). The present decanal team wants to welcome especially all the students who are going to enter the University in the term coming.

In recent years there have been lots of changes at our Faculty, starting from its name  to the number of degrees. The Faculty started its working with Bachelor degrees both in Humanities and Fine Arts and  Master degrees in Labour Relations, Pre- School Education, Primary School Education and Foreign Languages – at the moment all these degrees are being planned to be stopped as those that do not meet the requirements of the Bologna process. Currently, our Faculty offers new created Bachelor’s degree programmes in Work Sciences, Fine Arts, Psychology, Pre-School Education, Primary School Education and in Business Administration and Management. We also offer a Master degree in Secondary School Teaching, Vocational Training along with Language, Sport and Artistic Education. This shows a huge amount of work done and efforts made by all previous decanal teams which are to be appreciated.

Our Faculty is now involved in implementation and making the subject departments  meet  the requirements of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). In the academic year 2012-2013, which begins in September, the subject departments adopted to the Bologna process  will still be running along with the ones being phased-out.

The implementation of these new subject departments involves gradual withdrawal of the old ones so as to adapt our educational offer to the new teaching methods and techniques in a complementary way up to the standards of quality of teaching required.

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities offers some general internship programmes and a special internship programme for Education students. Programme SICUE is a leading programme of students mobility known nationwide and it enables to study at each Spanish university with a guarantee of validity by our Faculty of all the subjects held there and it is also supported by SENECA grants governed by the Ministry of Education and Science. Erasmus, Americampus, Bancaja and Cooperation Grants are the most important among the international students mobility programmes.

This website, regularly revised and updated, is meant to provide detailed information on the procedures and regulation which govern the basic aspects of academic activity to all people interested in it and specially students as well as information on the staff of our Faculty, its offer and current events. Thanks to this website we hope to make the academic life easier, students  committed to it  and altogether more intense for everyone.